Why Should Organic Tea Powder Become Everyday Drink?

Organic powder tea is a relatively new term to some people who do not know the health benefits of this beverage. While it is considered to be latte in some places, it is also called dessert in some countries. We recommend you https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Turmeric-Tea-Powder-Supplement/dp/B019KWBIGI as one of the best powder teas, but you can find your own in many other stores. The key thing is making this type of tea where the goal is to increase the chlorophyll production a few days before the harvest. This way the tea will contain all the healthy ingredients of the flowers. So, why should we drink it on a daily basis?

Supplies our body with antioxidants

Antioxidants are crucial for staying healthy as these kill free radicals and prevent the development of serious conditions and diseases. Since powdered teas contain all the best ingredients from flowers, the concentration of antioxidants is even bigger than it is in some commercial beverages.

Organic Tea In Powder
Green Organic Tea In A Bowl

This type of tea has 130 times more antioxidants than any other type you can find. Therefore, when you drink a cup of this tea, you supply your body with a plentiful of antioxidants that will keep you safe and healthy and free from free radicals.

Keeps your liver healthy

As you know, our liver is like the main weapon that removes toxins, processes food and drugs. Poor liver function may result in death since it is one of the main functions in our bodies that has to be on all the time.

Powdered organic tea wraps the liver in the coat of a protective layer that will keep your liver safe. Though it will make you go to the bathroom, it actually starts the cleaning of your body. Therefore, it boosts the work of the liver which can be critical for life.

Boosts your brain and concentration

A lot of students did report better concentration and focus after drinking a cup of powdered organic tea prior to learning. L-theanine is a compound that increases the speed of your brain, memory and increases your attention.

Green Hot Tea
Cup OF Green Tea And A Spoon

Also, you will be more accurate after drinking tea, which means that it influences the focus and attention. The compounds are known to boost memory skills, so you will easier remember things, making it ideal for the college days. However, do not quit drinking once you finish with the college.

Removes the possibility for cancer

Almost any tea has strong antioxidant properties, especially in combination with a little bit of lemon and a tablespoon of honey. Powdered organic tea, especially black tea, kills the free radicals and decreases the chances for cancer, thanks to the high concentration of antioxidants. Besides these, this tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate compound, which is an example of catechin. This catchin kills cancer and does not allow it any spreading and it had shown the fantastic results in the fight against prostate cancer, but also skin, lung and liver cancer.