What is internet marketing and how it is used?

The first step in successfully promoting your business online is, of course, creating an appropriate website. It is expected from the website to accurately reflect the nature of your work (proper design) and that it is easy to use, or that visitors to your site can easily find out what they visited the site. Also, today, when surfing the Internet more and more on tablets and mobile phones, it is extremely important that you have a site that is adapted to these devices. Responsive web design is an expert name for sites that are adapted to all screen sizes (desktop and laptops, tablets and mobile phones). From almost on mobile phones and tablets, Google searches for sites that are adapted to these devices in their browser.

Just creating a website is not enough, even if it was the best site in the world. What is worth to you a site that nobody has heard and nobody visits. So the next step is to promote the site. Since in this text we are talking about internet marketing, I will focus on promoting the site via the Internet – advertising on the Internet.

There are several channels to promote your website online, and I’ll share them in three main categories: SEO, Google Ads, and social networks.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is called search engine optimization in Google (Google, Yahoo, Bing …) and it works on the site and off-site with the goal of positioning your site as good as possible in Google search for relevant keywords.

Google Ads

Since Google is by far the most popular search engine with us, Google Advertising is a great way to promote the site. In a nutshell, Google ads let you instantly position yourself in Google Search, but in return, you pay Google for each click. So, you choose the preferred keywords and bid on them. Based on your bid, your search query for that keyword is determined, and you create the ad text that will appear in search. Text ads are very similar to classic Google search results. The advantage of Google ads with regard to SEO is that you are instantly positioning yourself well.

Social networks

mobileWhile the previous two online promotion methods are focused on showing your site when someone searches for relevant queries, promotion through social networks is (mainly) focused on so-called branding, that is, to creating consumer awareness about your presence. Promotion via Facebook is done using Facebook ads or fan page guides. Keeping the Facebook fan page can be extremely useful for some jobs, and apart from attracting an interested population, it is a great tool for communicating with users, market research and getting feedback.

All three of the above methods are significant in their own way. Each one can give results, and they work best when combined and create a synergistic effect. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s enough to understand how the promotion works online.