VIP celebrities and their endorsement

The best communication of the organization with the target groups is through promotion. The effects depend on the quality of the messages, the acceptability of those for whom it is intended, as well as the competition that also conducts its propaganda and acts on the same auditorium, often through the same media.

Famous persons appear in public in different ways. First of all, they appear in their work (profession). Then, they appear on some special events such as MTV Awards, Gremi, the premiere of a movie, etc. However, they also appear in newspapers, fashion magazines, tabloids, news, shows, which is another way of informing people about the events and the private life of the famous ones. Lastly, one very important phenomenon known in the public is by promoting certain products/services, where they give their own approval for that product or service, and in addition to being paid, they receive these products or services free of charge.

Celebrity branding and celebrity endorsement

Approval of known people is one type of branding or advertising, in which those who are known, are using their status in society for promoting a product, service, or charity. Celebrity branding can take many forms: appearing in advertisements, visiting PR events, creating your own line of products or services, or using their name as a brand.

The appearance of famous singers, film stars, athletes or other public figures in advertising is aimed at increasing awareness of the company’s brand. This well-known personality is obliged to visit all events related to this goal. Another popular method is to promote a line of products/services by borrowing names known as the brand (most often in perfumes and garments). Sometimes voices are also used in advertisements, as some of them have distinctive voices, although they are not on the screen.

Celebrity endorsement is used for various reasons:

Famous persons are good at making people identify with them, copying them. Users associate the characteristics of these celebrities with product attributes that match the needs of those users.

Such an endorsement has proved to be the best when a product is identified immediately with a known person who promotes it.

The credibility of the known is derived from 2 characteristics: a) expertise (how much the celebrity knows about the product) and b) reliability (how honest is that person about what it says). However, the more products advertised by a well-known personality, that person loses more credibility because the obvious economic motivation of the engagement of the same person disputes the accuracy of these testimonies/approvals.

4. The cultural features that a familiar person carries with them, transmits them to the product by advertising it. For example, Schiffman and Kanuk did research by comparing singer Madonna and supermodel Christie Brinkley as bath towel promoters. The ones advertised by Christie were judged to be more attractive, gentle and feminine while those who Madonna advertised rated as less comfortable and towels for the lower class.