New trends in internet marketing

To offer a service or product that will make life easier for people, be present everywhere and at any time, connect people who share the same interests, change for a better company and be different, are global marketing trends for this year.

The first trend in marketing and the media is the use of artificial intelligence for the purpose of better quality of life for people. The second trend is changing the corporate culture of companies from the inside and communicating these changes to the outside. The third trend is that we live in a peer to peer society, where people put more on the recommendation of other people than they do on classical advertisements. The new trend is that people will turn to mentors or companies that have something new to offer them. The fifth thing is that we live in a society called the post-demographic consumer society, where the use of the media does not only determine their age, gender, income or the place where the media is consumed. You have sixty-year-olds who behave more like the twenties. In this new world, companies have to find their new place.

What is a marketing cake?

As for the marketing cake, it has been on a slight increase, but it has not yet reached that perfect level since 2008. Before the global crisis, which was the highest level in the history of advertising in this region, the structure of this marketing cake has changed, and advertisers spend more on the Internet and on some new media, less on print media, and television is still the most dominant medium. The level of investment in advertising in each country is directly proportional to the number of people and the average purchasing power.

Client experience

The experience of the client is already much shaped by digital marketing. Facing a major change in industry distortions, companies have to re-examine their user experience to stay attractive. New strategies for targeting customers: shorter content, more personal and instant, and video and infographic favorites. The accent is on the individual and
on his space for action.

Marketing content

For the marketers, next year’s content will be the most important. Content is done deliberately – the frequency of content announcements is calculated, the angle from which it is written is selected, and the number of audience interactions is carefully monitored and analyzed.

Mass personalization

Mass marketing is dead, mass personalization has lived! The goal is simple: to collect the maximum data on client behavior, integrate it into the artificial intelligence algorithm and then develop customized and targeted strategies. Data from social networks, online shopping, and download of mobile applications are used.