The position of Social networks in marketing

The trend that rules the world longer than it seems to us at first seems to be social networks and the global use of them. They are no longer just the “tool” we use to see what friends and relatives do we do from our college colleagues or to find people we have not seen for a long time.

They are there to find a recipe for cooking, they are here to buy shoes, pet, find a roommate, fall in love, express dissatisfaction, congratulate the birthday … Every our search on Google on average, as a third result, makes it public on the most popular social network – not I do not even have to name her name. So, we don’t have to love them, we don’t have to have a profile on any of them, but we can not ignore them.

Social media manager – a person paid to hang out on the Internet

The social network trend at one time became so strong that every big company had to descend to an ordinary citizen by eating out his habits, entering his free time, his social sector, allowing him to ask her a question and even I am surprised by the adequate answer to this question, of course not from a company, but from a well-paid expert to do the job.

Why did social networks become so important?

Worldwide companies quickly realized the benefit they could have for this kind of marketing. This is not just marketing that has a large number of recipients, but it is also very rational marketing, the way in which we can get enough with minimal investments. Every advertisement, poster, a newspaper in business, etc. By dividing your social networks, you will be faster to see it globally than in any other way.

Of course, there is a way to do this. Today, everyone can declare a professional social media manager on a facebook, born to cherish status, communicate with consumers, etc., but it is not enough to love the Internet and know how to use his services. Internet marketing is left to experts because only in this way gives the right results that every company will be satisfied with.

Social Media Manager – is that Serious profession?

iconsThe job of a social network manager is much more complex than it looks, especially if it’s done seriously. It is a job that requires a lot of dedication, good organization, long distance planning and high-level compliance. It’s not just sharing several statuses during the day or answering several messages in the inbox. It’s a platform where you constantly have the audience you have to listen to, it occasionally applauds, and rarely shouts: “Booo!”, and that should never.

This audience is the one who will share your posts on their profiles if they make them interesting, and in this way, you increase the number of followers, and you will not be asked for anything in return. Think about when you rent a person who will lead pages of your company.