Why Did Linkedin Become Important For Online Business?

Linkedin is one of the earliest platforms for online social interaction but managed to become among the most important ones in the last three to four years. Now, it is one of the most powerful tools that business owners can use to find their connections and expand their business further. Of course, not all business companies use this platform, but the majority of them, especially those that are B2B oriented, use this channel to get more customers, workers and business accomplishments.

A lot of companies, Air Force Pneumatics and Hydraulics for example, managed to become the number one in their niche, thanks to this platform. So, what are the advantages of this platform and why should you use it?

It generates more professional connections than any other social media

Yes, this is true! Even Facebook and Twitter are way below Linkedin! Beside B2B companies, a lot of B2C customers said that they could manage more jobs using this platform so we could say that it has the priority over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform that is present at the moment.

more professional connections

Some researches that were performed showed that it is very likely that you will find your “idea” company/consumer through this network, as it became the standard part of every CV and profile that applied and looked for the job opportunity.

Acts as a highly-effective platform for lead generation

The concept of a lead generation emerged some 5-6 years ago and since then it became one of the best ways to generate profit. A lot of studies had confirmed that Linkedin managed to obtain a high level of customer-lead-conversion, especially when compared to other social channels.

The B2B domain has the highest potential at this platform, so it is no wonder that all B2B companies use this channel.

It is perfect for establishing the leadership

As there are many industries out there, this platform enables you to engage into the action with the real names and authorities in your industry. By joining the relevant groups, you can be in direct communication with the main influencers of your niche. This leads you to a more stable position, where you can start creating your own influence within the industry.

Establishing the leadership

By developing your own strategy, you can easily enthrone yourself within your field of Interest. While this is also possible on Facebook for example, Facebook is somehow not that professional (in a business sense) as it is the case with Linkedin. Therefore, it is likely to achieve a reputable and distinguishable image of your brand with this platform.

Gives your company a high level of visibility on the Internet

Yes, your company or a brand will be ranked higher on Google, under the condition you optimize it in the correct way. Your job when it comes to the optimization is to use the relevant keywords in your profile, as well as the descriptive and relevant words that describe your title within the company.

You can interlink your blogs, websites and portfolio to get more traffic and all that for free while you are advertising your brand or company.